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Op-Ration is a rationing software for animal welfare.

It is a rationing software for dairy cows, suckler and fattening cows, sheep and goats. Op-Ration is a powerful rationing software but very simple and intuitive in its approach.

To download the Op-Ration software here is the protocol:
Log in to “”http://computer-software.groupe-ccpa.com/download/v3/installoprationv3.exe”” target = “”_ blank”” rel = “”noopener””> http://software-regulation.group-ccpa.com /download/v3/installoprationv3.exe
Install the program on your computer.
At the end of the installation, note the serial number.
It will be used to provide you with the activation key. To obtain this activation key, return an email to lr@obione.fr specifying the desired module (s) (dairy cows, suckler cows, sheep, goats). We will then return the activation key and you can start the Op-Ration software.

The cost of the software with a module is € 862,50 . The cost of the additional module varies depending on whether it is a cow module (€ 650) or Goat (€ 431,25) or sheep (€ 431,25).

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