Iodine and Selenium Concentrate is used for supplementation needs in iodine, selenium and vitamin E to prevent deficiencies.

Grass covers only 10% of selenium and only 5% of iodine requirements. Nutritional testing shows that about 30% of suckler cows suffer from iodine deficiency and 50% suffer from selenium deficiency. Supplementing cows that are deficient in selenium and iodine can limit calf mortality at birth or calves with potentially fatal respiratory distress.

Iodine will regulate the general metabolism, energy metabolism and protein metabolism of the cow, while selenium is an essential element for glutathione
peroxidase, the main antioxidant of the body. Supplementing the intake of selenium and vitamin E can limit the degeneration of cells in the body and strengthen the immunity of animals deficient in these vitamins.


Iodine, Selenium, Vitamin E

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