Description of POTASSIUM

Potassium supplementation is important in the prevention of potassium deficiencies in cattle. It is used during insufficient dietary intake in potassium or when its availability is decreased. This is particularly the case during milk-fever.

The deficiencies in potassium in cattle are numerous:  in early lactation, in cows that are lying down and in those experiencing a drop in appetite.
During abrupt food changes and when feed is not rich enough in Potassium, dietary intake and the availability of the Potassium are insufficient and limit, in particular, muscular contractility. Dietary supplementation is then necessary.

Propylene Glycol is a precursor of glucose, it limits the risk of a lack of energy and allows an increase in energy intake without any risk of acidosis. The metabolic ways are therefore safely diversified.


Potassium chlorid, Monopropylene glycol