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Description of Refractometer

With only some drops, this refractometer will allow you:
– to estimate the quality of the colostrum on-farm
– to estimate the quality of the transfer of passive immunity to the calf
– to estimate the concentration of the milk replacer on-farm

At birth, calves have no immunity. The only protection is provided by colostrum.
From the 6th day after birth, calves begin to produce antibodies and acquired immunity is efficient 3 to 5 weeks after birth. Necessary additional protection is brought by the mother through colostrum to make the transition. The calf is completely dependent on antibodies provided by the colostrum. The colostrum, naturally rich in antibodies and in antibacterial proteins, participates actively in the digestion of the young calf.

This refractometer is a 3 in 1 tool, simple, fast, and suitable for on-farm use.

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