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Litterpure is a hygiene product that gives your cows and calves a sleeping area that promotes health.

It’s a single product that provides:
– Healthier and drier litter: – 20% water
– Healthier ambient air: – 30% ammoniac
– Volume of straw and manure: –30%: saving time and load
– More organic nitrogen: + 45%: 9U of nitrogen per ton

Thanks to Litterpure, your farms benefit from a revitalized bacterial complex, nutritive support for the selected bacteria and a superabsorbent material made from plants and minerals.

Litterpure bacteria, enhanced by their specific nutrients, block the growth of undesirable bacteria.

Usable for organic farming


A revitalising bacterial complex, a nutritive support for the selected bacteria and a super-absorbent plant and mineral material.

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