The fast-setting glue for cold weather!

ICE Pro Hoof&Cow glue is a very high quality, fast-setting, two-component polyurethane glue for bovine hooves. It can be used to glue wooden or rubber heels.

ICE Pro glue is used with a special mixing nozzle and hand gun, available on our website.

Particularly recommended in cold weather, down to -5°C.
Sets in 1 to 2 minutes if application temperatures are respected.

For optimum performance, the cartridges should be kept at 20°C using a heater.

Not recommended in summer: setting too quickly reduces the quality of the bond.

The heel pad should be applied to a clean, dry hoof to ensure adhesion for several weeks.

Hoof&Cow two-component polyurethane adhesives should be stored between 15 and 25°C to maintain all their qualities: lower temperatures can damage the adhesive, higher temperatures can accelerate the set excessively.

200 ml size

Franco de port dès 200 € HT d'achat

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Franco de port dès 200 € HT d'achat

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