DK-PRO Hoof&Cow trimming discs


Working comfort, precision, and durability!

The DK-PRO Professional Hoof&Cow disc is made of aircraft-grade aluminium and its optimised design guarantees high stability and absence of vibration.
Lightweight and easy to handle, the oblique milling edge facilitates lateral work and the slots improve the removal of horn debris.
Attachment to the grinder is quick and requires no adapters.

To improve the longevity of our discs and limit wear and tear associated with blade replacement:

– The threads of the fixing screws are made of rolled aluminium by high precision machining.

– The stainless steel TORX head screws are also subject to high precision machining.

– The blades of our DK PRO discs are made of low-wear hardened steel and have 4 cutting sides for a long service life.

Available in 2 models:

– DK PRO 2 open blade, 2 mm blade, for smoother standard trimming.

– DK PRO 3 open blade with 3 mm blade, optimised for fast professional work

Delivered with blades in a protective case

Sold individually or in sets of 3.

Franco de port dès 200 € HT d'achat


Franco de port dès 200 € HT d'achat

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