Description of Beef cattle Balance

The calculation of shortfalls by simply capturing the prevalence of pathologies present in breeding is rarely realized.

It’s not an accounting line, it’s not money coming out, it’s money that does not fit! The cost of a pathology is only addressed by its direct costs: drug costs, veterinary fees or milk excluded. The shortfall related to the risk of transmission, anticipated reforms, higher mortality or reduced production is poorly known and more than doubles the cost of control. It is this quantification and the analysis of the origin of the losses that achieves, quickly and easily in breastfeeding BREEDING ALLIANCE.

The application is used when carrying out zootechnical and / or economic audit in the breeding. After informing some characteristics of the breeding, the operator captures the diseases present in the breeding, cows, heifers, calves during the chosen period.

The application indicates by a slider the position of the breeding for each disease in relation to the objectives and automatically performs the graphs that clearly indicate the disorders that have the greatest deviation from the objectives and the graphs that show the losses related to these disorders. The operator can then visualize the most important disorders for breeding. A screen summarizes all category disorders and losses related to each of these categories. A last screen then proposes investigation tracks.