Description of Housing Notes

Housing Notes, expertly analyze the buildings of your dairy cows

Housing Notes highlights the main building risk factors from a few surveys. The quality of the sleeping area, the brightness, the temperature, the hygrometry, the drinkers, the air of supply and exercise are controlled easily.

The ergonomics of the tool, thanks to the use of very clever and practical counters, makes it possible to simultaneously count recumbent, recumbent cows, those standing on their sleeping area and cows on standby. The application also calculates the THI which allows to evaluate the environment of the animals.

The analysis of all these data very easily and very quickly collected, valued immediately in the form of graphics, allows to conclude on the quality of the building.

Housing Notes is used both during a farm audit but also as regular measures during building surveillance and on-farm monitoring.

Equivalent and complementary to Cow Notes, Housing Notes will allow you to expertly analyze the buildings of your dairy cows.

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