Acidosis analysis

Description of Acidosis analysis

Acidosis is a metabolic desease in beef cattle, particularly in dairy cows. It reflects a pH fall of the rumen (pH 5 – 5,5) with an overage of acids in rumen. To compensate a fall of appetite, dairy cows with an high production mobilize their fats reserves to produce glucose and lipoproteins used for milk production. Whole clinical signs can detect an acidosis existence. We offer you an acidosis analysis for all types of animals at any stage of acidosis (but with an homogeneous physiological stage in animals collected). This analysis will expose B12 vitamin, haptoglobin and zinc dosages. You will get an evaluation of parametors frequently observed during ruminal acidosis. The Obione analysis box is ready to delivery : ask your veterinarian to do samples.


B12 vitamins, haptoglobin, zinc dosages