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This application makes cattle health checks simple, quick and efficient.

You fill in the questionnaire with the farmer in digital format, and it’s all on your device – no more paper!

You can edit or email the health check in PDF format, generated automatically from the data entered.

This PDF can be customised, so you can add your contact details and logo (Customise menu item).

The document is signed by the vet and the farmer, and is integrated into the application.

You can display the complete bovine health inspection instructions (vade-mecum, appendices, etc.) in PDF format directly from the application (see Documents menu item).
If you wish, you can add your own documents to the obione/vsbnotes/doc/ folder to make them accessible directly from the application from this same menu.

Automatic data backup on our secure Cloud in compliance with the RGPD (prior agreement). You lose nothing, if you change your device, your data will be completely restored thanks to our data restoration system.

The VSBNotes application will be updated each time a new health visit is published.

You can download this application at

The application is available with Dairy Cattle Balance and Beef cattle Balance applications.

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