Description of Stock Notes

Fodder balance of suckler herds

This application makes it possible to anticipate shortages of fodder stocks in suckler cow farms.
Easily estimate stocks of dry matter (DM) and energy value (Energy Feed Unit EFU).
Identify the end of stock date and the impact on animals (Body Condition Score BCS).
Schedule purchases of fodder and concentrates to supplement stocks during the winter.

The application manages the most common fodder:
– Fodder in bales (hay, straw and wrapped)
– Silage (corn, grass and meslin)
– Dehydrated (alfalfa, beet pulp and corn)
– Cereals (wheat, barley and triticale)
For these types of fodder the application shows an energy value (EFU / Kg) and a default density in order to automatically calculate the DM weight of the fodder. It is of course possible to add fodder not listed by specifying the aforementioned values.
For bale fodder, by selecting the diameter, the application can determine the DM weight of a bale. Concerning the silage it simplifies the calculation of the weight of a silo (storage or bunker): just enter the dimensions of the silo and the dry matter percentage to obtain DM tonnage.
The balance screen allows to quickly visualize the state of the stocks (deficit or surplus) compared to the needs of the herd.
The purchase simulation makes it possible to evaluate the total cost in order to compensate for the quantitative and/or energy deficit.

75,00 90,00 TTC