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Obiogest aliment complémentaire en oligo-éléments et vitamines indispensables pour les préparations à la lactation des vaches
Oligo-élément pour vaches, Cuivre liquide pour lutter contre les interactions négatives
lacthydravo préserver l'apport énergétique veaux risques de troubles digestifs diarrhé
Obiomin Fertil, Obiomin Fertil aliment complémentaire utilisé lors de besoins d’apports complémentaires en oligo-éléments et vitamines des vaches
Logiciel de rationnement Op-Ration, bien-être animal
Apports complémentaires en iode, sélénium et vitamine E pour lutter contre les carences des vaches allaitantes
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Need an outside eye or a complete audit?

We travel to your farms with you to support you in resolving problems concerning Reproduction, Production, Calf Health, Building Layout, Management of Dry Cows or Heifers, etc…

The visit can be informal:
simple support of 1 to 2 hours in order to clarify the most important points and to control the ration and management of one or two categories of animals.
These visits which are part of a tour plan are not billed to our customers.


We also carry out complete audits, accompanied by a report of our visit with a scoring of the animals, the building, the highlighting of losses and shortfalls in breeding, the identification of the main risk factors and proposals improvements to be implemented. This service is invoiced.

OBIONE deploys human resources To meet the needs

T.O.M.A. (Obione Technicians in Management & Food)

Obione suggests that you internalize this activity. A specialist in nutrition and zootechnics, trained and employed by Obione, is available to your customers to offer them all year round:


Depending on the breeders’ requests, passage every 4 to 8 weeks.


A problem to be solved on a breeding farm: the visit is scheduled by you or by your T.O.M.A.


Veterinary & T.O.M.A appointments are scheduled every 2 weeks to ensure excellent follow-up by both parties.


“Straw bales” meetings: technical points with breeders.

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To enable you to gradually update your knowledge, harmonize it within your team and expand the service offering.

We travel to your customers with you in order to support you in resolving problems concerning Reproduction, Production, Calf Health, Building Layout, Management of Dry Cows or Heifers, etc…

For who ?


Support for breeding visits

Thematic training: Animal husbandry, Nutrition, Herd management, Building comfort, Communication, Sales technique


Happy Notes training:

over 2 days, half of which is in breeding


Thematic meetings
“Straw Bales” Meetings
Group entertainment


Nutrition Basics
Selling Technics

A la carte 

The theme

You choose the training that your structure needs.

You can propose a training theme

The format

Short-term training (evening, half-day)
Clinic training
Easy integration into clinic life. Easier transmission of information to everyone

The cost

Our clinical training is free.
Our specific 2-day training courses for breeders are subject to payment but we are Vivéa* approved.

*The remainder payable by the breeder for 2 days of training is less than €30 per day.

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