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Description of DRENCH Argil

Based on Whey, Dextrose, Glycerol, Sorbitol, and Rice Flour, Drench Drinking is a complete intake for the cow in early lactation in easy and spontaneous catch. It can be used after calving, in preparation for lactation, or after metabolic and / or infectious disorders.

Drench Drinking is also complete in:
Major trace elements and essential to the cow in early lactation: copper, zinc, selenium and iodine
Electrolytes: sodium, chloride and calcium
Fat-soluble vitamins important for the cow in early lactation
Beta-carotene, the main nutrient for the management of oxidative stress, important in early lactation


Montmorillonite Clay, Vegetable Coal, Rumino-Protected Vitamin C, Macléaya Cordata Extract, Magnesium Oxide