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Description of SELIBIONE

Sélibione is used when proven or suspected deficiencies in iodine and selenium by cows. It is about a complementary feed for suckler cows with a functional rumen.

The grass covers only %10 of needs in iodine and only %5 in selenium. The nutritional explorations show that approximately %30 of suckler cows are suffering from deficiencies in iodine and %50 in selenium. Selenium and iodine deficient cows can give birth to still-born calves or calves with possibly fatal respiratory distress syndrome.

Iodine helps to regulate general, energy and protein metabolism of cow whereas selenium is essential to the glutathion peroxydase, the main antioxydant agent of the body. Its antioxidant properties are very interesting for animals.

Selibione is enriched in grapefruit extracts.

The Fenugreek and Ginseng end the formulation.


Iodine, selenium as selenite, selenium as selenomethionine, lactoferrine, fenugreek, Ginseng.