Distributor Digiderm Premix

Recommended for :

Lactating Cow

Dairy Cow


Description of Distributor Digiderm Premix

Digiderm Premix is a footbath solution safe for humans and respectful of the environment, which permits to preserve cleaning and foot hygiene of the cattle and strengthening the skin barrier. Digiderm Premix dilutes easily with the water.

Acid pH of the solution make footbath less sensitive to the dejection presences.
Efficiency of the bath can be measured easily with a pH bandelette: solution keeps active as long as the pH is less than 5.

Digiderm Premix can also be used to feeding rack by spraying on dairy cows, heifers, and dry cows.

Product non-toxic for humans and the environment.
Does not contain copper sulphate.

Can of 15 L and barrels of 120 and 200 L


Patented mix of acids, chelated minerals, cleaning agents