Hoof&Cow Black Magic winter glue

Description of Hoof&Cow Black Magic winter glue

Hoof&Cow Black Magic winter glue is a new generation of professional quality two-components polyurethane glue:

– Perfect viscosity (the glue does not run)
– Does not heat up or smell
– Ultra fast setting (the heel pad can be released after 15 seconds)
– Compatible with all types of heel pads (wood, rubber, polyurethane)
– Fast foot placement (90 seconds)
– Excellent outfit
– Resistant to low temperatures: Black Magic glue regains all its qualities when brought back to 20°C

Without doubt the best glue on the market!

Black Magic glue is used with a specific mixing nozzle and manual gun, available on our website.

Recommended for temperatures below 15°C.

For optimal efficiency, the cartridges must be maintained at 20°C thanks to a glue heater available on our website.

The heel pad must be placed on a clean and dry hoof to guarantee adhesion for several weeks.

Hoof&Cow two-components polyurethane adhesives should be stored between 15 and 25°C to keep all their qualities: lower temperatures can damage the adhesive; higher temperatures can accelerate the setting excessively.

Size 210 ml