Description of BACA Notes

BACA Notes is the first application dealing with DCAD : the Food Balance Cations Anions.

This application allows both to have DCAD’s elements of proving and explanation and also to calculate the DCAD of animal rations.

The risk factors for metabolic diseases have been taught for decades and yet the reproduction is deteriorating, production is not always up to the ration, so  milk fevers, ketoses, metritis, abomasum are still present at the first days of lactation.

Whose fault is it ?
Of  the management of dry and hypocalcemia.

To manage the lack of calcium it is necessary to highlight …… the calcium ?
Not at all, on Sulfur, Chlorine , Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium. The first two are Anions, the next two are cations, and Magnesium acts independently, but it is equally important since activation of Parathyroid hormone, secreted during
hypocalcemia to meet increased calcium needs, can not be effective only if DCAD and Magnesium levels are satisfactory.

In a few screens and with very educational animations BACA Notes presents all these points of the management of DCAD in almost playful manner in order to be understood by all.

An additional module allows you to quickly evaluate the DCAD of dry cow ration and proposes solutions to correct unbalanced
rations (with PDF edition).

Having in your pocket, your smartphone, or your  tablet, all that is to be known or to be explained on the DCAD and what to be fixed in case of risks, that is the goal of BACA Notes.

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