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The computation of shortfalls, which simply entails entering the prevalence of diseases present in the breeding operation, is rarely done.

It’s not an accounting line, it’s not money exiting, it’s money that does not enter the farm ! The cost of a pathology is only ever addressed by its direct costs: drug costs, veterinary fees, or milk losses. The shortfall linked to the risk of transmission, anticipated reformed animals, higher mortality or reduced production is poorly explored and is equal to more than double the cost of managing the disease. It is these figures and the analysis of the origin of the losses that is achieved, quickly and easily, in Beef cattle balance.

The application is used when carrying out zootechnical and / or economic audits on a farm. After providing some characteristics of the breeding operation, the user enters information about diseases present in the farm, and more specifically the cows, heifers and calves during a chosen period.

The application indicates, through a cursor and a scale, the position of the farm for each disease in relation to its objectives and automatically generates graphs that clearly indicate the issues that lead to the greatest deviation from these objectives. The graphs show the losses related to these issues which lets the user visualize the most important issues in their farm. A screen summarizes all categories of diseases and the losses related to each of these categories. A last screen then suggests areas that can be investigated.

Franco de port dès 200 € HT d'achat
Franco de port dès 200 € HT d'achat


Franco de port dès 200 € HT d'achat
Franco de port dès 200 € HT d'achat

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