Cattle Drench pump

Description of Cattle Drench pump

Obione suggest the cattle drench pump, essential to face cow’s deficiencies in minerals, trace-elements, vitamins, or to administrate propylene glycol. It is solid, maintenance-free, made of steel, and made in U.S.

Drenching is a method which consists in rehydrating quickly cows by the contribution from 30 to 50 liters of water in 37 °C, directly in the rumen or possibly in the oesophagus.
Strong > Drenching is used at the adult cow:/strong > – In post-partum, to compensate for the lack of appetite of the cow, in prevention of milk-fever or in prevention and treatment of the acetonemia.
– After an surgery or after a disease, to boost the appetite when the cow does not spontaneously feed or to provide it medicine or nutriments (trace elements or vitamins).
Strong > For calves, drenching is mainly indicated in case of strong diarrhea >, to compensate quickly water’s losses. We use then solutions of oral rehydration.

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