Description of ANTE-PARTUM

Ante-Partum is used to prepare the adult cow for lactation before calving. Thanks to its palatable Anionic Salts, it is also used to reduce the risk of milk fever and hypocalcemia after calving by lowering the DCAD. Choline Rumino-Protégée, given during the drying-up period, manage the risks of metabolic diseases of the early lactation of the cow: retained placenta, metritis, ketosis, etc … The Manann Oligosaccharides have specific properties of modulation of immunity and thus allow joint action on both cow and colostrum. Ante Partum contains chelated trace elements, selenium, copper and zinc essential for the dry cow and to enrich colostrum with these trace elements to modul cow and calf immunities.

DCAD = -4 500 mEQ /kg


Anionic salts, Yeast wall rich in oligosaccharides, Undegradable cholin, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Corn Gluten Feed, Trace-elements, Seleno-methionine, Copper, Zinc. DCAD = – 4 500 mEq/kg