Description of ViT&MANGAN

Vit&Mangan is a dietary supplement for calves reinforced in trace elements and vitamins.

Syringe with manganese, iron and vitamins, Vit&Mangan is more specifically used in cases of additional manganese requirements.

There are deficiencies in manganese despite correct feed intake, in particular when the daily feed ration contains high levels of calcium and phosphorus. This is due to the negative interactions between manganese and calcium/phosphorus. Manganese is essential to antioxidant molecules. It is also important for the energy metabolism and a deficiency induces joint deformation.
Only milk-fed calves are exposed to iron deficiency. Iron is essential to blood efficiency and to the synthesis of haemoglobin.

Vitamin D3 is for calcium. It allows its digestive assimilation and thus takes part in growth. Vitamin E possesses very important antioxidant properties. Complementary to the selenium supplement, vitamin E intake helps to limit cell degeneration and to improve the immunity of deficient animals.

Selibione is enriched in grapefruit extracts.
Fenugreek and Ginseng complete the formulation.



Iron, Manganese, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E natural, Vitamin E.