Description of REHYSTIM

Réhystim is a complementary feedingstuff used when the transit of the calves is disrupted, in particular in case of diarrheas. He consists of essential contributions for the calf during digestive imbalance.

The potassium fights against the acidosis and the sodium protects milk digestion and thus allows a higher contribution in energy for the calf. Maltodextrine and lactose ensure to the calf a optimal contribution of energy to boost it. The rice flour and the fibers improve the digestion of the calf and the flour of carob or the fenugreek are nutriments of palatability.

Réhystim is used for troubles of calves but also kids and lambs.


Salt, potassium acetate, sodium propionate, Maltodextrine, Lactose, Extracts from Sanguinaria canadensis, rice flour, soluble Fibers, Fenugreek, special Aroma Calf(Veal), Flour of carob